Experience days

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Amazing flying experience day gifts...

picture of two fast jets divingpicture of a champagne balloon flight in a very blue sky

Give someone the gift of a lifetime... Flight experience or even training...

Have you ever wondered what it is like to fly with your own wings, in a hang glider, glider, light plane or microlight? What about the mind-blowing experience of serenely floating across the countryside, like this...

picture of a beautiful hanglider in the blue sky

Well now you can experience flight, with trained experts to guide you.

picture of two people in a dual hang gliderpicture of two people in a dual hang glider

Experience Flying

This site is all about flying experience. The most fun you can have with your clothes on. We bring you the best in modern sport aviation, along with links for experience days, as well as holiday destinations for pilots.

glider experience daysA picture of a microlight hangliding experience days

What about a champagne sunset balloon flight?, or stunt flying with a 'top gun' flights in an ex-war bird jet.

We also try to bring you lots of useful links for pilots, including aviation weather, flying events and all sorts of goodies from books and charts to instruments and clothing.